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Why Wear a Wristlet

Everyone needs time to shop, even if it’s not balloons that they’re buying. There comes a time when I must purchase other necessitates, things I can’t get at the supermarkets. Macy’s doesn’t sell balloons, but they make up for the lack in sales with pocketbooks and wallets. I need something to carry my ID, credit cards, and money if I’m to buy balloons. The color and tailoring of a pocketbook should go with the season. Pennsylvania has four seasons; ergo, four pocketbooks with matching wallets are ideal. I’d also want a clutch purse for dress-up occasions, one for “dressing down,” and one for conferences.
Macy’s has tempted me with its glittery towels and pocketbooks. Coach and Kate Spade, to name a few. Alas, I have champagne taste, but beer finances. The trick is to get my champagne during sales at “beer” prices. I have one lovely purse I received as a gift, and most of my wallets are too big for it. The one that fits doesn’t go right with the colors. When Macy’s had its Labor Day sale, I thought I’d browse its website for affordable wallets that would fit. A Coach wallet like the one below called it me from the page. I thought the glittering fuchsia would go nicely.
What I ended up with was a beautiful wallet that was still too large for my purse. Then I realized I could use it for a wristlet. Wristlets are becoming stylish, and you can read about their uses here. Basically you wear it on the wrist, using it for a mini-purse. I decided to give mine a go since Mike’s nursing home was holding a flea market sale. I’ve read about other people wearing them on the wrist, using as a mini-purse. I tried mine out and liked it. Mine went on the elbow though because my arms are small. It left my hands free to shop, take notes, and not have it get caught on something. I could fit my ID, insurance, and other important cards in the purse. Makeup, too. At the Giant and Acme, both of my arms were free to latch on to my balloons. The wristlet might make a good getaway purse during a zombie apocalypse.
I still like having a regular shoulder bag, so I’ll keep my eyes open for the ideal wallet for that one purse. I’ll still come home from the supermarket wearing Mylars in my hair. Whether it’s food, balloons, or purses, I’ll always need time to shop.

Have you considered getting a wristlet? Do you feel it’s practical? I look forward to hearing about your experiences.

Purses like this tempted me to buy

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