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Vampire's Tribute by Margaret L. Carter: A Review

 Title: Vampire’s Tribute
 Author: Margaret L. Carter
 Genre: vampire romance
 Available on Amazon Kindle
 Rating: 5 Balloons

I had the pleasure of reading Margaret L. Carter’s Vampire’s Tribute. It contains two stories about the same vampire, “Payer of Tribute” and “Demon on the Hill.” “Payer of Tribute” opens with protagonist Isobel visiting the demon’s castle, offering to take the place of her sister Allison whom the town had offered as tribute in return for the protections he provided. She braces herself for a painful death; instead, Reynard proves to be much different than what she had anticipated. As the weeks pass, she falls in love with him. In “Demon on the Hill,” we fast-forward to 2018, when one of Allison’s descendants—also named Isobel—visits England to delve into her family’s history. She explores the ruined castle on the hill and finds that it wasn’t totally abandoned.

These stories were engaging, interesting reads. They’ve got a Beauty and the Beast feel to them, and I love reading such stories. The protagonist in each story had a lot of spunk, and I couldn’t help but love them. Carter’s vivid descriptions and characterization kept me reading and wanting to know the outcome. If you like romance, you’ll love Vampire’s Tribute. I highly recommend this book.
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