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Carpathian Blood Review

Title: Carpathian Blood
Author: Michelle Hoefle
Publisher: Eternal Press (www.eternalpress.biz)
ISBN: paperback – 978-1-61572-867-1; eBook – 978-1-61572-866-4
Available at: www.amazon.com, www.bn.com, www.bookstrand.com, and other major retailers
Rating: five stars

Carpathian Blood opens in 1293 A.D. with Vlad and his fellow Terranians migrating to earth in a defunct ship, hoping for a safe landing. Fast forward to present day, protagonist Mackenzie travels to Romania with her nine-year-old brother, Alain, to begin a new life. Instead, she stumbles into a war between the Terranians and the Vampyres. A Vampyre attacks her, nearly killing her. When her rescuer reveals himself, Mackenzie wants no part of his life or his war. But she’s caught on the horns of several dilemmas: She’s raising Alain by herself and fears for his safety. If she tries to leave with her brother, she might run into another renegade Vampyre. Alain yearns for a real family and wants to stay at Vlad’s home. Mackenzie herself is falling for Vlad. Vlad falls for Mackenzie and will stop at nothing to win her heart.

Carpathian Blood’s action and dialogue kept me reading from page one. It usually takes me weeks to finish a book, but this was a page turner, so I finished the book in three hours. I enjoy a well-crafted vampire tale, and Michelle came up with a really unique take on vampires. A crashed spaceship and an oxygen-enriched atmosphere on earth, as opposed to nitrogen, makes for some sexy Terranians. Vlad took drastic measures to save her life…twice, and Mackenzie made a worthy counterpart. Both of them, along with some of the other characters, made homes in my heart. I hope there will be sequels. Some of the other characters have stories that need to be told. I strongly recommend Carpathian Blood.

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