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Demon's Fall

 Title: Demon’s Fall
 Author: Margaret L. Carter
 Genre: Paranormal Romance
 Publisher: Amazon Digital Services, LLC
 Cost: $1.99; about 34 pages
 Available at: Amazon Kindle
 Rating: 5 balloons

What would you do for love? In Margaret L. Carter’s Demon’s Fall, The Infernal Powers send Kammael, a demon in human form, on a mission to seduce Erin Collier from her destiny as a servant of the Light. Ah, but instead, he falls for her, and we learn what he would do for love. Determined to protect Erin from harm, he disobeys orders and faces a fall from immortality, along with other, more horrific consequences. What kind of consequences, you might ask. I won’t say, lest I give away spoilers.
I sat down to read, thinking I’d read a few pages and get back to it later. Instead, Carter’s suspenseful writing kept me flipping the pages, and I finished the book. I loved it. I would describe her writing as character-driven; her characters make sympathetic people, the kind of folks the reader would love. The suspense will reel you in and guide you to a surprise ending. If you like paranormal romance, you’ll find Demon’s Fall a delightful read.
Tags: demon's fall, margaret l. carter, night to dawn, paranormal romance

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