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Tom Johnson's Thoughts on Reservation Ravaged

Title: Reservation Ravaged (Cozy Mystery)
Author: JoAnna Senger
ISBN #978-1937769338
Publisher: NTD
Price: $11.66; 183 Pages
Available at and
Rating: *****

“Entertaining and easy reading.”

The mythical town of San Tobino, California, and characters from Betrothal, Betrayal, and Blood return in this new mystery. Denning & Daggert Investigations is hired by the Kanache Indian tribe to investigate a possible curse on their land. The land of the reservation appears ravaged, and nothing will grow there except thorny weeds, scorpions, and rattlesnakes. A young boy falls into a ravine, losing a leg in the accident, and the land seems cursed. Newly licensed private investigator and partner in the investigative company, Hermione Daggert is assigned the case.  Following leads, she discovers that the chief – Broken Drum – had run a Gypsy family off the land the previous year, and since then their land has been dying, and the accident of the young boy happened. Hermione finds the family and learns that they did, indeed, place a curse on the reservation. The Kanache accepts her findings and sell the land. The new owner sets up an Institute of Holistic Health school, but more accidents happen. The police think there may be murder involved. Again, Hermione is hired to investigate the new accidents on the land, this time by the new owner.

Hermione was a waitress at Milady’s, the setting of JoAnna’s previous novel, but now works with Private Investigator Emma Denning, and assisted by police detectives Karl Kelly and Vito Kostowski. The story was easy reading, and the characters interesting, but the mystery unraveled a bit too easy. To be honest there was a lack of suspense, and I’m not sure if the case was actually solved by anyone, or just by dumb luck. However, it was a good mystery and the writing is superb. Cozy mystery lovers will find it a lot of fun. Highly recommended.

Tom Johnson, Detective Mystery Stories

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