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The Wooing Process

The other day, I went to the Acme to buy some badly needed items, when lo and behold, a Mylar turkey with an orange ribbing saying “Happy Thanksgiving” waylaid me and hied for my shopping cart. The balloon knocked over a plant as it scampered my way. It batted its eyelashes and called out “Bar-ba-ra!” The balloon was wooing me, that’s what. And when the wooing process begins, I can’t say no. That balloon’s going home with me.
The trip to the Giant came today.
I got in big trouble here - a beautiful Mylar candy cane waylaid me at the door ... but it was deflated. The candy cane plus 4 Mylar spirals chased me down the aisle and the customers nearby got some great chuckles. At the medical supplies, I ducked, thinking I was safe. Wrongies. After I dumped two packages of Band-Aids into my cart, a Thanksgiving balloon that matched the one from the Acme jumped at me from behind the eye care shelves. It hopped on its weight into my cart.
After that, I kept my cart to the rear of the store, and did my shopping while carefully avoiding the cashier aisles where my pursuers congregated. Then I did my walk down the health food aisle to see if they had my favorite flour. They did. Ah, but this is the same aisle that ends in a chute, landing the unsuspecting customer into a balloon-filled vat. I let myself head down this chute, bracing myself. It didn’t surprise me that the vat was filled with Christmas or that one made way for my cart. Then it was off
Then a dilemma hit me – all the thanksgiving stuff and groceries I’d gotten had racked up the cost. Distracted by the balloons, I never got my electrolyte drink that I was supposed to buy. As the numbers on the register increased, I realized that one of the balloons had to go back, so I asked a cashier to help me decide which one. The Christmas one went back – I haven’t started to decorate.
I think I want to savor the flavor of Thanksgiving this year.
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