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Making Peace with HTML


For some time I’ve toyed with the idea of creating a separate site for my “fun” blogs, book reviews, and promos. A lot of authors have separate blogs to avoid cluttering their websites. I use WordPress software for my Night to Dawn website, and have gotten comfortable with it the way I am with balloons. Trouble is, WordPress – I use the hosted version – has gone through several upgrades. The last one came with a bug involving the media library which stores my images. When this “bug” acts up, I get a blank page when I attempt to upload an image for a web page. This left me with several options: kvetch to the administrators (which I did), do without images (uh-uh!), and post them via HTML.

I’ve shied from HTML for years, always hiring someone to do any chores that required it. Then finally, I started dipping into it, using a tool that my webmaster gave me. Recently I started posting my own PayPal symbols. Saving money motivated my nodding acquaintance with HTML. So I posted the images through HTML using Web Coder Tools. You can upload your images to their site and they will convert it into HTML for you, and voila, you’ve got your website images, bugs or not.

Ah, but when I viewed my page through the HTML version (you can do this with WordPress), it looked like a mess. The HTML version for a picture took up a whole page. But, it did the job. I’ve used my blog for articles, balloon adventures, book reviews, and promoting NTD and other authors. The thought crossed my mind that one day, I’d run out of memory.

I set up a separate blog page on BlogSpot, Bloodscreams and Nightscapes. Why BlogSpot? It’s free and has lots of images. A lot of authors use it. The title was appropriate because BlogSpot’s software left me screaming. The font on each page looks uneven. No matter how much cut and pasting and resizing I did, the font continued looking bad. The text didn’t respond to any attempts with HTML. What’s more, to use BlogSpot effectively, I installed Google Chrome and wound up with malware on my computer. During my sister’s last visit, she spent over an hour cleaning out the malware. So…no more posting on BlogSpot.

Finally, I decided to give Livejournal a go. I tried LJ years ago and didn’t find it user-friendly, but this time out, set up Blood Moons and Nightscapes. I’ve pulled a couple of blogs from my NTD website and posted them on the LJ site. The fonts look different on each blog and that’s okay, as long as the font is consistent within each article. Right now it’s a learning curve. I did install a nice-looking backdrop, and I’m finding that centering the images works better if I use the HTML symbol. On one of the articles, alas, I wound up centering the text too. Learning curve, right? What it comes down to, I’m making my peace with HTML, but doing so on the installment plan.

LJ has two caveats – if you want to use the pretty backgrounds you gotta pay. Its $25.00 a year for a premium membership that gives you access to the benefits. Also, if you name your url, which I did, and decide you want to change the url, you have to pay. Alas, no free balloons. So I’m sticking with Mylar409 for now.

Which medium do you use for your blogs? Which did you find most user-friendly? I look forward to hearing your thoughts on this.

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