December 18th, 2016

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Wild Sorceress Book 1 (Review)

 Title: Wild Sorceress Book 1
 Authors: Leslie Roy and Margaret L. Carter
 Publisher: Writer’s Exchange E-Publishing
 Price: $3.99 for eBook; about 310 pages
 Available at: Amazon and Writer’s Exchange
 Genre: Fantasy adventure
 Rating: 5 balloons

Having read Wild Sorceress, I was impressed with the world building the Carters did, right down to the weapons used, the battle techniques, the court proceedings, etc. I can only imagine the hours of research that went into this work. Although we don’t know the year the story took place, my sense is that it happened many years ago in a setting similar to that of Tolkien’s Middle Earth. The inhabitants are human but possess extraordinary powers, and given the thorough explanation of details and spells by protag Aetria, I found myself suspending disbelief.
My gut reaction was admiration for the strength in Aetria’s character. The story begins with a lot of cards stacked against her. She has to prove herself to Commander Pleates (aka “Crusher”) and he knows how to push all her buttons. I think most of us can relate to her insecurity when we face a difficult teacher or boss. Her untamed power continues to get her into hot water with her commander and other authorities. Unlike most sorcerers, she’s survived not one but several grid burnouts as well as numerous attempts on her life. The story starts out slow because the Carters have to lay out their new world and the techniques for spell casting and magic. But the pace picks up fast and becomes a page-turner. It left me wanting to read more.
I was impressed by the technique of foreshadowing the Carters used. For example, when Pleates delivered his reprimands, the Carters made it a point of describing the way his Adam’s apple moves. The description of his throat becomes significant later in the story. I won’t tell you why, but you can find out by reading the book. Wild Sorceress will make a great addition to your library.