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Margaret L. Carter's Heat in the Night

Ø Title: Heat in the Night

Ø Author: Margaret L. Carter

Ø ISBN: 9781419949197

Ø Where available: Ellora’s Cave (Naughty Nooners) for $0.99 in eBook format,,

Ø Genre: Erotica, Vampire romance

Ø Rating: 5 stars

Vampire Ingrid knew she was different. Most vampires in estrus anticipate a night or two of raw, unadulterated sex just to satisfy their lust and conceive a child. Having been raised by humans, Ingrid adopts the human notions of love and romance. Because of her human tendencies, she has a tough go at making friends among her species.

During her first estrus, she’s thrown together with Bron, a close friend whom with she’s fallen in love. She embarks on her night of passion, determined to keep her feelings a secret. She goes so far as to arrange a meeting with a different vampire, fearful of ruining her friendship with Bron. But Bron does not want another vampire with Ingrid, and he’s determined to keep her with him. What will happen if she tells him how she feels? Will it disgust him? Will he shy away from her?

Heat in the Night offered a delightful treat. Without giving away any spoilers, let’s just say Bron doesn’t give a damn what the elders or other members of their species think. That’s an admirable quality in a man. Then again, Carter has a knack for creating sympathetic characters; I was taken with Bron and Ingrid from the get-go. This tale is a must-read for romance and vampire aficionados.
Tags: bloodlust, erotica, heat in the night, margaret l. carter, naughty nooners, twilight line, vampire romance

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