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Hearing the Call

I’ve got my WIP and NTD layout to work on, but the balloons have been occupying my head too much all day. They started calling to me while I was sleeping. Last night, in my dreams, my front door opened and a big bouquet of Mylar balloons floated into my house, carrying a small wicker basket filled with treats. The door shut behind them. The balloons circled me in the living room, drifted into the kitchen, and then floated back to me again. They rubbed my hair and continued wandering about my house. The dream flashed forward, and in the next instant, I was in a large wicker basket, floating on the Philadelphia Zoo balloon. This morning, I woke with a big smile on my face.

I’ve been on a blog tour every Monday since February for my book Steel Rose. The first thing I do each Monday morning is check the status of the week’s post. This time, it was The Balloon Author’s View: Inside / Outside. It starts out as a chilling description of the zombies in my head. Later on, I move on to the subject of balloons, saying that I had fifty balloons. I lied. As of last count, I’ve got 68. I was really pleased with the showcasing of my blog, so I walked around my home with another smile.

I started thinking about my upcoming trip to Giant. Each time I emailed or responded to someone’s post, I used an analogy involving balloons. At the nursing home, when I visited Mike, I gave him the briefing of his life about balloons. He found it sweet because I was feeding him a peanut butter chocolate egg. The nurses and security guards were getting a lot of chuckles out of my visit with him.

Home again, I hurried through lunch, eager for my trip to Giant. I had a strong feeling I’d find some balloons there. I could hear them calling to me in my mind. At the store, I headed to the fruit aisle, and voila, a table filled with latex balloons beckoned to me. “Happy Birthday” balloons, beautiful Mylar ones, revolved around the table. Giant was celebrating Earth day with a cake and lots of balloons. Two of them hopped into the cart, but one popped off its string and floated to the ceiling. The woman at the table cut me a slice of cake, and I participated in a drawing for free groceries. The remaining balloon, the one with the butterflies, wrapped its ribbons around me.

The opportunities for balloon buying have just started. There’s a trip to CVS coming up for medicines. I’ve got a doctor’s visit tomorrow and I usually follow those with a balloon purchase or two, especially if the discussion is serious. No wonder I’ve got 68 balloons!Balloonies3

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